štvrtok 15. mája 2014

A girl who doesn´t want to sleep

Yesterday was a really bad day, I felt horrible, everything went wrong...everyone has one of those days once in a while. It was past midnight and I still didn´t feel like going to sleep, my mind kept processing events of the day. I made my self a green tea, sat down, and at first checked facebook, twitter....then I just shut the computer down and took a pencil and a paper. The girl on a flying bed came back and literally started to entertain me. She was angry because she didn´t want to go to sleep as her mum told her, promised herself she´ll never fall asleep again and started to do several activities to keep her awake. Suddenly something weird happened, her bed started to move and when she bent over the bed she saw it was floating....Now she has a name-Tilly. And she really made my day:)

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