nedeľa 1. júna 2014

Picture Book

It´s been a while since the last post. The reason for this is- I´ve been working on a new picture book and I was in that phase when I totally started to live with my main character, got to know her world and I was so absorbed by the story I was slowly getting into that anti-social, introverted, slightly autistic mode /to that extend that when shopping at sainsbury´s I prefered self check-out  rather than  living human being/
So yesterday I managed to print out the dummy which for me is officially the end of good times with my character in the imaginary fantastic world and start of the more pragmatic aspect of the whole project: Is it good? Would it be good for publisher? Is the story interesting? Is the main character convincing? etc...Of course after a couple of hours I had my dummy printed out I found first mistakes and each time I corrected one, others just popped out...almost exponentially. So now I am at the painful editing phase. My computer is turned on all the time-in case new idea emerges suddenly /last time it hit me when having a bath so I run out to make corrections/, the mess in the files and all the new versions of each spread /final, final1, final1x.../is huuge, the story has been decomposed several times already and put together three different ways....but what can I say...I LOVE IT!!!

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